Olimpic Triathlon

Swimming: The triathletes will do 1 lap of 1.5 km. Through the bay of Port de Palma. The departure and arrival will be in this area, duly marked with buoys, with canoes, zodiacs and Red Cross boats that will ensure the safety of the participants.

T1 Swimming-cycling: At the end of the swimming, and entering the pits to take the bike, you will have a box at your disposal to leave all the swimming equipment, and to change with the Cycling equipment. Then you can take the bike and start the cycling sector to complete the 40 kilometers.

Cycling: The circuit will consist of 4 laps of 10 kilometers completing 40 km in a circuit to the seafront of the port of Palma. The cycling sector will be completely closed to traffic. The triathlete must respect the rules of the road at all times, respecting at all times driving on their right.

T2 Cycling-race on foot: At the end of the cycling sector, you must enter the pits and leave the bicycle in the same collection place. You cannot remove your helmet until you have left the bike in place. You can take your running shoes in your box, and start the 10 kilometer race sector.

Race: The foot race will consist of 2 laps to complete the total distance of 10 kilometers. There will be a refreshment station every 2.5 kilometers, approximately, the route partly covering the entire promenade. In each lap you will go through a Chip control to count the laps. When completing the second round you will have to deviate towards the GOAL line to finish the Triathlon.